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Visualogue|40. The Architecture of Thoughts

As a continuity of Jeddah season’s activities in 2019 at Historical Jeddah. In a deep philosophical manner, Dr. Ziad Aazam took us on a journey with a lecture entitled “The Architecture of thoughts’’. The expected dialogue of this title drives you -from the first moment- to a speech about pure architecture, however the lecture discourse took a wider perspective, discussing a tool of thinking that can be applied in any creative fields. briefly, the tool is a model of designing a thinking space, using architectural and urban terms as a metaphor in a nonphysical manner. To soften the complexity and depth of this concept, Dr.Ziad used visual diagrams and an interactive experiment with the audience. The lecture took place at Nassief’s courtyard in the center of Historical Jeddah as a continuity of Zawiya 97 cultural activities.

    Abdulrahman Aljohani

    Jeddah, July 3, 2019

    The Architecture of Thoughts

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