urbanphenomena: design+research


The office of urbanphenomena was established in Jeddah on the 3rd
of November 1999. Since its inception the office aimed to present an
architectural hybridization that will take the design language to its
highest capabilities without ignoring the details of the local historical
background of such language.

urbanphenomena’s ideology is based on the principle of creativity,
uniqueness and belief in the special relation between the role of the
client and the designer to discover the project’s hidden potential and
fulfill the design requirements on all possible levels. To achieve this
idea we therefore believe in the optimum and complementary
relation between design’s different elements and disciplines such as
the relation between architectural design and interior design and that
between interior design and graphic design or visual communication
in a complete harmony without interfering with the merits of each

These ambitions towards an analytical design ideology that is fond of
details and that believes in research and study empower the desire
for learning and development, which serves the client and enables
him to achieve his social, financial and investment goals successfully.

Urbanphenomena’s core team consists of a team of young architects
and designers, in which each team member specializes in his/her
academic background and practical experience which positively
enriches the works conducted by the office.

The projects that the office has designed and supervised range from
architecture and interior design of offices, retail shops and
exhibitions, to furniture design, design of external and internal
signage boards in addition to official printed materials for companies,
educational institutions and real estate companies.

This unique mixture between the various design disciplines each with
their own potentials creates a unique design hybrid that meets the
design requirements both in 3D and 2D. This ability to inspire from
the specific aspects of each discipline enables a comprehensive
approach towards any design project and leads to a product that
covers aspects of both the visual and the practical formation. This is
the office’s most vital basis (guide line). What we define as the visible
identity of the project/client and consists of an ideal link between all
visible components of the project, whether it is architectural, interior
and visual phenomena that shape the project.

The activities of urbanphenomena contentiously revolve around its
existence as an observatory of events, happenings and visual
activities in the Urban environment (hence urbanphenomena), and
their impact on the socio-economic status of the context we work in.
The office is headed towards the creation of an independent and
experimental educational laboratory based on the principle of
eliminating technical limits between design specialties in order to
transform the aesthetical condition into elements of composition based on
the deep understanding of contemporary context.


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