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Visualogue|37. Thawrat Al-Fann|Ahmed Hasan Moshrif

  قلة من أستطاعوا أن يشقوا طريقهم بأيديهم وكان بإمكانهم التحكم بمصيرهم، فنجد الكثيرين من حولنا يتمتعون بعقول نيرة وأحلام خلاقة ومع ذلك، فهم مقيدون منقادون. ضيفنا لنسخة شهر أكتوبر … Continue reading

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Visualogue|36. Swiss Made|Ahmed Kaki

Where would we be without Swiss precision? Something direly lacking in our part of the World! Our March visualogue speaker, Ahmed Kaki will introduce how Swiss architects have managed to … Continue reading

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Visualogue|35. Bawa & Beyond|Rushdha Hamza

The November visualogue will introduce our latest discoveries within the growing community of designers residing in Jeddah, Rushdha Hamza. She is an interior designer from Sri Lanka who has moved … Continue reading

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Visualogue | 34. Cultural Topography & History of Makkah | Dr. Mehmet Tutuncu

To continue our coverage of urbanism in the Holy Cities, and just as we started 2013 with a debate on the urban fabric of Al-Madinah, we shift our focus in … Continue reading

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Visualogue|33. Deconstructing Ambiguity|Bayan Naseer

Our October visualogue will introduce a young experimental researcher and conceptual designer from Makkah, Bayan Naseer who has just returned from the UK after completing her MA in interactive Media … Continue reading

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Visualogue|31. The Holy City Reconfigured|Atef Alshehri

For this edition of the urbanphenomena visualogue, we are starting 2013 with a very crucial and sensitive topic; the massive annihilation of the urban fabric of Al-Madinah. Apart from the … Continue reading

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Visualogue|30. Where Reality is Forgotten|Hasna’a Mokhtar

Hasna’a Mokhtar was one of 11 Saudi ladies to trek at the foothills of the Himalayas last May to reach Everest base camp. She will share with us this exhilarating … Continue reading

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Visualogue|29. An Alternate Present|Reda Sejini

Back on the road again, the visualogue travels this month to Dhahran to deliver the 4th installment in a series of lectures on architecture in Japan at KFUPM’s College of … Continue reading

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Visualogue|28. Sacred Light|Abdulaziz Al-Azem

Wrapping up this year’s visualogue presentations we thought we would revisit a recurring theme that has been presented and talked about on many occasions the past few years; Light and … Continue reading

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Visualogue|27. Large Scale Consumption|Pablo Soto

Before the “back to school” frenzy kicks in, we thought it would be a good chance to discuss another form of architectural frenzy in the September edition of the visualogue. … Continue reading

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