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Visualogue|36. Swiss Made|Ahmed Kaki

Swiss Made Visualogue

Where would we be without Swiss precision? Something direly lacking in our part of the World! Our March visualogue speaker, Ahmed Kaki will introduce how Swiss architects have managed to carve a small but solid niche in the architecture world portraying oeuvres of national identity. A long way from the days of Le Corbusier you might think?

He will present an overview of Swiss architecture and considers the cultural attitudes that have fostered such refined buildings, with a focus on materiality and how indigenous materials are used with such sensitive and craftsman like manner.  While also assessing the Swiss tradition of integrating design, local building techniques and engineering that is unlike anywhere else in the world.

Ahmed is currently working on his Master’s Degree at the Architecture Department at Kyoto Institute of Technology  (, in Kyoto, Japan, and has just returned from a study trip to Basel and Zurich, in collaboration with the ETH Basel Studio, currently headed by H&dM’s Jacques Herzog.

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