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Visualogue|27. Large Scale Consumption|Pablo Soto

Before the “back to school” frenzy kicks in, we thought it would be a good chance to discuss another form of architectural frenzy in the September edition of the visualogue. … Continue reading

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Visualogue|13. Texturez|Ahmad Konash

Our guest visualoguer will be CED Architecture graduate Ahmad Konash, who describes himself as an architect currently trans-morphing into a Graphic Designer aiming to reach the final state of Filmmaker. … Continue reading

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Visualogue|12. Solo|Samih El Tawil

We are compensating August’s visulaogue this month, a double treat for September. Consider it a good occasion for Sha3bana. Our guest visualoguer will be Samih El-Tawil, Jeddah’s resident visual artist … Continue reading

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Visualogue| 08. Density Revisited|Ahmad Maasher

by ahmad maasher 2006.02.16

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Visualogue| 05. Across the Bosphorous|Ahmad Maasher

by ahmad maasher 2005.08.10

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