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Visualogue|33. Deconstructing Ambiguity|Bayan Naseer

Our October visualogue will introduce a young experimental researcher and conceptual designer from Makkah, Bayan Naseer who has just returned from the UK after completing her MA in interactive Media at Goldsmiths College. As part of her research she has worked on a series of interactive experiments venturing into the socio-political and socio-cultural aspects of the urban context. She will explore through visual means questions of elements that can travel and cross barriers elusively. For example, thoughts, emotions and dreams are an individual’s own property that nobody can access, and unless expressed, will remain within the sphere of the self. What are these forms of expression? How can networks be created from and within them? Can they be materialized and made physical and tangible?


Approaching streets as platforms for communication and mediums for information flows, this series of experiments performed in London, defies the normative views of interacting with the city as a facade and offers an alternative approach to perceive it as a stage, where upon using ‘unconventional’ methodologies, its socio-political and cultural contexts could be unraveled.

For more on her work please visit:

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