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Visualogue|28. Sacred Light|Abdulaziz Al-Azem

Wrapping up this year’s visualogue presentations we thought we would revisit a recurring theme that has been presented and talked about on many occasions the past few years; Light and Architecture. We would like to invite you to the December edition of the visualogue, entitled “Sacred Light: Lighting Sacred Islamic Architecture”.

Our presenter for the December edition is AbdulAziz Al-Azem. Interior designer by training, Abdulaziz has grown up virtually in the ‘limelight’ of the lighting industry. He has just finished his master studies in Lighting design in Germany, at the Hochschule Wismar, with some extensive training at Lighting manufacturer leaders ERCO. His master thesis is a fascinating study on lighting in sacred spaces of the Islamic World.

the location for the visualogue will take place in Jeddah’s own ‘Temple of Light’, the seminar room of ERCO at Technolight’s showroom, Omnia Centre, Raouda Street. Join us at 18:00 on Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010 inshallah as we review these ethereally lit “Spiritual” spaces from across the Islamic World.

by abdulaziz al-azem

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