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Visualogue|35. Bawa & Beyond|Rushdha Hamza


The November visualogue will introduce our latest discoveries within the growing community of designers residing in Jeddah, Rushdha Hamza. She is an interior designer from Sri Lanka who has moved recently from the UK after practicing her profession in the design offices of London. Prior to that she studied and started her career in Colombo – “a city that will always be home”, and of course the main topic of this month’s visualogue. This will be a guide to the world of contemporary architecture and design on the Magical Island.

You are probably wondering why on Earth would you leave London for Jeddah? Of course I will let her answer that question during our session, but I admire what she had to say about Jeddah. “A city that I have come to hold dearest to my heart, despite her quirky ways”!

She is currently a freelance Interior Designer, working for several companies, principally DDN Design in Colombo and Fusion Interiors Group in London ( ). Her specialty is Hospitality and retail projects.

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