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Visualogue|32. The Kyoto Machiya Revisited|Masaki Nomura

The May 2013 edition of the urbanphenomena visualogue will be visiting the city of Kyoto, Japan. We shall view and learn about how the city has been encouraging young designers and architects to participate in their drive to stop the mass demolition of traditional architecture in the old capital of Japan. This recent programme of urban regeneration has resulted in a frenzy of renovation and adaptive reuse projects throughout the city. Not only have they helped preserve the city’s sense of place, but these projects have also given a much needed boost to the straggling local economy, be encouraging young and small businesses to set-up in these historical buildings.

Our speaker for this visualogue is Kyoto based architect Masaki Nomura of Rover Architects, who have been in the forefront of this drive to preserve and reuse the traditional Kyoto townhouse, known as the Machiya. Since setting up in 2000 they have worked on a wide range of projects all revolving around their conviction to fuse a modern spatial design approach with the traditional crafts and techniques to recreate the Japanese Machiya. As a result they have been significant protagonists for Kyoto’s urban regeneration. For more on their work please visit (ma3leish, only in Japanese):

by masaki nomura, Rover Architects

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