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madeinjeddah|Fakhamah Series #01|Deluxe Palace


Whether it is a straightforward marketing “ploy” or just plain naivety, the apparent irony in this “sophisticated” marketing signage scheme cannot be overlooked. Our favourite to date from our Fakhamah Signage series, this particular example is a triple treat. Not only is it not clear to what degree of “Fakher” is the palace for sale, but the distinct choice to use a bruised and battered municipal address sign post was beyond our comprehension. This can only reflect the state of Jeddah’s public domain facilities, and/or desperate measures by the Real Estate agents (Ugurjis). On top of that, what certainly makes this example a gem is its location in Al-Rawdhah District, one of Jeddah’s poshest neighbourhoods, with one of the highest ratios of residential “palaces”.

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