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Jeddah Architectural Guide|CP/22

مجمع مكاتب – 24 نورث جدة

24 North Jeddah office complex

 2004  Saudi Diyar Consultants/ Hazem Sabbagh
 ……  4 Floors + Basement
  20,600 m² 6,210 m² (Site)


24 North Jeddah is an office building located on a 6,210 sqm plot on Prince Sultan Road, Jeddah north of Al Tareekh Roundabout. The building form was shaped by the linear site (230m by 27m) and the clients’ requirement to market leasable office as independent building units. As such the building was divided into 5 main building units each served by its own lobby and service cores. At Basement level all 5 blocks are integrated through one single open space for covered parking.
Adopting a befitting low rise corporate composition, the horizontal office building blends well with the surroundings which is predominantly a residential area. In addition, the building is clad in a combination of natural stone, aluminium composite panels and a crisp and refined thermal glazing front facade. This combination satisfies two incessant expectations present in any contemporary building designed in the arid context of the Western Peninsula. The natural stone maintains a steady link with the traditional building materials, while the thermal glazing allows it to portray an efficient and contemporary corporate image.
24 North Jeddah won the 2004 Architecture+ Award (Published in the UAE) for architecture and was nominated for the 2007 Aga Khan Award for architecture.

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north 24 jeddah


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