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Report | Learning from Education City|Doha: 2015 November 27-28


Urbanphenomena partner Reda Sijiny presented at the Learning from Education City Conference that was held in Doha last week.

The conference celebrated the investment made thus far in Education City’s architecture, showcasing significant projects and offering a platform for discussion and critique.

Presenting an overview of the “Made in Jeddah” series of workshops, Reda explained how the research was developed as a learning platform that would enable participants to detect, study, and analyze the urban phenomena occurring throughout the multi-layered parts of the city. The aim is to create inventories of informal fragments left in the wake of oil boom urbanization. An anthology of unique physical and cultural hybrids given the urban conditions activated.

Pioneered by the Learning from Las Vegas studio, the city as a classroom is not a new paradigm. Issues of cultural identity and its components come to play and affect our perception and interaction with the Arab and/or Gulf city.

Examples from this visual anthology will delineate the DNA of the city of Jeddah, parts of which are shared with other Arab Gulf cities. It is hoped that by highlighting these urban phenomena architects can re-establish the relevance of Arab/Gulf conditions in the contemporary Middle East debate on the city and urbanism.

The presentation also showcased how the “Made in Jeddah” workshops continue to foster a collaborative and multi-disciplinary research approach between young professionals and students.

For more information about the Education City Conference, visit:

Lectures and discussion sessions could be viewed on the Qatar Foundation youtube channel:

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