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Jeddah Architectural Guide|CP/17


الشركة السعودية للتوريدات – باناجه

Saudi Import Co. – BANAJA

1995 ARCHI-PLAN (Dr. Abdullah Bokhari)
20 m 4 Floors
8,666 m2 3,500 m2 (Site) 



The Saudi Import Co‭. ‬headquarter building is a four ‬storey building located on King Abdullah Road‭, ‬East of the Jeddah flagpole roundabout. ‬Designed by award winning Jeddah based office ARCHIPLAN, it was completed in 1995. Considered one of the pioneering architectural firms in Saudi Arabia, the office was established in 1979  by Saudi Architect Dr‭.  ‬Abdullah Bokhari‭. 

‭This iconic office building stands out in the surrounding context with its purity of form and planning. The chopped corner of this purely symmetrical building defines the building’s main entrance. ‬The front garden is split into two‭ ‬halves by the jutting corner of this building acting as a threshold between the street noise and the building mass‭. ‬The reddish brown treatment of the facade with the pure cubic form is what gives this building its prominence along the congested road‭. ‬The building layout is square in plan‭ bisected into two triangular office blocks by an atrium which runs diagonally through the structure‭. ‬The atrium rises 4‭ ‬storeys‭, ‬with offices looking both inwards and outwards‭. ‬In addition‭, ‬the facades are characterized with a combination of local granite stone and refined glazing‭ composed horizontally. ‬The building is‭ ‬one of the finer examples of Post-Modern building in Jeddah that dominated the 1990s‭ ‬period in Saudi Arabia.‬Site

First Floor Plan

First Flor FinalImage courtesy of Abdulrahman Aljohani.


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