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madeinjeddah|Fakhamah Series #02|Luxurious Apartments


No doubt the only other ubiquitous word in the world of local Real Estate sales that could challenge ” فخم ” is ” فاخر “. Albeit the subtle differences between the two words, they seem to be used interchangeably on the streets of Jeddah. We have noticed that when the name of the Real Estate office (Maktab ‘aqar) is not mentioned on the advertising panel this is usually the effort by the actual owner of the property. What is noticeable is that he went the length to have it produced with a proper footing at a metal workshop. However, what we really found striking, and maybe overlooked by the owner, is the unintentional minimalism in the plaque’s text layout; the ample white space surrounding the scrumptious calligraphy. For inadvertently reviving the dying the profession of ( خطاط و رسام ) we salute them!

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