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Lecture|Design Thinking|Majed Munshi

The urbanphenomena visualogue is collaborating with Dar Al-Hekma’s Creative Center to provide students with a series of lectures on design and creativity. The first lecture, entitled “Design Thinking” was presented … Continue reading

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Visualogue|38.Design Thinking|Majed Munshi

In a new collaboration with Wekan house, urbanphenomena’s October visualogue (a series of lectures focusing on storytelling using visual media) will be presented by urbanphenomena’s design director, Majed Munshi. Majed’s visualogue will give a … Continue reading

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Greeting| New Hegira Year 1438 تهنئة|العام الهجري الجديد

“سنة سعيدة عليكم” .بمناسبة العام الهجري الجديد، ندعو الله أن يبارك لكم و للجميع فيه، و كل عام وانتم بخير From all of us at the urbanphenomena team, we send … Continue reading

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