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Visualogue|38.Design Thinking|Majed Munshi


In a new collaboration with Wekan house, urbanphenomena’s October visualogue (a series of lectures focusing on storytelling using visual media) will be presented by urbanphenomena’s design director, Majed Munshi. Majed’s visualogue will give a brief introduction on “Design Thinking.”

Design Thinking is a non linear human centric process that designers use. This style of thinking helps in developing creative ideas and reaching innovative solutions to the root cause of problems. It often results in new product innovation, improved process optimization and transform teams. Because of it’s human centric approach, this process applies to all walks of life, social activities, organizations and industries.

Majed Munshi studied Art Direction at Center for Creative Studies and has an MFA in graphic design from Michigan State University. For the past decade and a half, he has been leading creative teams to develop some of the most memorable ad campaigns and design solutions in Saudi Arabia. Majed’s corporate identity work includes MODON (Saudi Industrial Property Authority) and King Abdallah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy. Currently a partner and creative director at urbanphenomena, Majed leads a multi-disciplinary design team working on projects at the crossroads of Architecture, Interior, Graphic, Product Design and Wayfinding.


Join us at Wekan House at 14:00 on Wednesday, October 5th , 2016.

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