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Lecture|Branding|Majed Munshi

Branding DAU Dec26.pngContinuing our collaboration with Dar Al-Hekma University, urbanphenomena design director Majed Munshi delivered his second lecture, entitled “Branding”, as part of the university’s Creative Center program.

Majed’s lecture introduced the students to the origins of branding and its application in the professional world.

Through a series of well-known examples, Majed simplified the concept of the ‘brand” by defining its targeted audience, attributes and market in a focused, relevant and differentiated manner. Furthermore, in order to stand out against the competition, Majed explained that the brand needs to become unique in the targeted audience’s mind. To achieve that the brand has to be distinctive in personality, logo, essence and slogan.

Majed Munshi studied Art Direction at Center for Creative Studies and has an MFA in graphic design from Michigan State University.

Currently a partner at urbanphenomena, working at the intersection of multi-design disciplines like Architecture, Interior, Graphic, Product Design & Wayfinding.

The lecture was held at  Dar Al-Hekma University at 13:00 on Monday, December 26th, 2016.

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