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Workshop | Made in Juffair: Mapping the Cultural Identity of Juffair | 2017 March 31


Made in Juffair Workshop PosterIn continuation of the “Made in Jeddah” series of workshops around the region, urbanphenomena partner Reda Sijiny conducted the “Made in Juffair” workshop as a part of Mawane’s second cultural season, titled [Media]tions, which took place in March/April of 2017.

Mawane is an independent, non-profit initiative based in Bahrain, which mounts thought-provoking exhibitions, talks and workshops in various locations along the Bahraini coastline. Encouraging collaboration and discussion, it was founded as a small-scale platform for experimental and participatory urban research to engage with a wider audience through contemporary art.

This year’s season, entitled [Media]tions, held a series of workshops, lectures, panel discussions and documentary film screenings aiming to uncover and reconcile the multiplicity of narratives held by the city, its various communities and archives, utilizing the area of Juffair as the lens. Currently, Juffair is undergoing an intensive phase of construction and land reclamation.

Made in Juffair Image2

To develop a cultural guide to Juffair, workshop participants walked around Juffair and into buildings.

Workshop Overview: Mapping the Cultural Identity of Juffair

The aim of the “Made in Juffair” workshop is to have participants survey and map the contemporary environment and context of Juffair. Through an observatory like activity, they will be able to detect, study, and analyze the visual urban phenomena occurring within the physical context of Juffair.

This will allow the participants to record and document what constitutes the visual DNA of an Arab Gulf city identity, in general, and of Juffair in particular.

The result could develop into an alternative guide to the built form of Juffair in booklet format. This guide is different than the typical architecture guides that survey single buildings by known architects. The Guide “Made in Juffair” will look at the non-designed yet functional hybrids of the city’s current situation and the tiny structures that fill the gaps in the area’s fabric.

Made in Juffair Template4Sample layout template of the Made in Juffair booklet.

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