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Report | Panel discussion: Under Urban Attack, Nature Fights Back | SAC: 2020 January 29

Jeddah. January 30, 2020.
As part of the 7th edition of 21,39 Jeddah Arts Festival, a 4-day forum kicked off with several panel discussions on Wednesday, at the Saudi Art Council HQ, Gold Moor Mall.

The forum started with a panel discussion entitled “Looking Back to Step Forward: Frei Otto’s Legacy” and it hosted local architect Dr. Sami Angawi and co-curator of 21.39 7th edition Georg Vrachliotis to discuss how the work of Frei Otto Inspired a generation of architects to go back to natural forms, and continues to influence how we build and live today, moderated by Maya El Khalil, the curator of the 7th edition of 21,39.

it was followed by urbanphenomena’s partner and co-founder Reda Sejini moderating a discussion panel entitled “Under Urban Attack: Nature Fights Back” with three artists Nojoud Al Sudairi @nojoudalsudairi , Alaa Tarabzoni @atarabzo and Fahad Bin Naif @fahadnsaud on their projects for this years 21,39 exhibition: “ايتها الأرض I Love You, Urgently” Exploring the impact of heavy urban and industrial development in Riyadh, and how their findings have informed a wider debate on nature’s position amidst unrestricted development.

21,39 is an initiative by The Saudi Art Council that promotes art and culture in Jeddah, through holding annual exhibitions and galleries that support local and international artists.

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