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Article | Sportshall, Jeddah | MIMAR 4 1982

“Frei Otto, the well known West German architect and engineer was born in 1925. He graduated from the Technische Universität in Berlin in 1952, where he then began practice. His reputation in the development and construction of suspended roof structures was established quite early in his career with articles in European professional magazines and a book on the subject.” Pages 42-49

Continuing our archives series posting articles on  projects in Jeddah by international architects and firms. This article was featured in MIMAR issue 4, published in 1982. It is part of a section introducing Frei Otto’s new work.  The early issues of MIMAR featured beautiful cut-outs on the cover page of one of the reviewed projects, in this case, the Sports Hall of the King Abdulaziz University.

Pages from_MIMAR 4


Pages from_MIMAR 4-2

Pages from_MIMAR 4-3


Pages from Frei Otto Work_MIMAR 4


DPT0380- frei otto 5

DPT0380- frei otto 6

  • Frei Otto’s New Work. In Mimar 4: Architecture in Development, edited by Hasan-Uddin Khan. Singapore: Concept Media Ltd., 1982: 42-49.

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