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Visualogue|29. An Alternate Present|Reda Sejini

Back on the road again, the visualogue travels this month to Dhahran to deliver the 4th installment in a series of lectures on architecture in Japan at KFUPM’s College of … Continue reading

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Visualogue|28. Sacred Light|Abdulaziz Al-Azem

Wrapping up this year’s visualogue presentations we thought we would revisit a recurring theme that has been presented and talked about on many occasions the past few years; Light and … Continue reading

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Visualogue|27. Large Scale Consumption|Pablo Soto

Before the “back to school” frenzy kicks in, we thought it would be a good chance to discuss another form of architectural frenzy in the September edition of the visualogue. … Continue reading

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Visualogue|26. After Amnesia|M. Hosam Jiroudy

Just before the shift to Ramadhan mode we would like to present the August edition of the visualogue. Delivering the story this time will be Arch. M. Hosam Jiroudy who … Continue reading

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Visualogue|25. IN SEARCH OF LIGHT|Loay Quota

Our visualogue summer schedule will start with Arch. Loay Quota who will be leading the discussion on the experience of light in architecture. His recent travels to some of the … Continue reading

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Visualogue|24. Road to Eden|Naief Eida Mubarak

This month’s visualogue coincides with the New Hegira Year . This time our we are hosting Digital Photographer Naief Mubarek, who will be sharing with us images from his recent … Continue reading

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Visualogue|23. Photographing Saudi Society|Olivia Arthur

After a long long summer/Ramadan/Eid break, we’re back again for this month’s visualogue.  This time we are hosting British Photographer Olivia Arthur, who is visiting from the UK. Olivia is … Continue reading

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Visualogue|22. Export Gulf – Al Manakh|Todd Reisz

Our upcoming visualogue will form part of the activities to introduce the Al Manakh publication -of which the first issue came out in 2007- to professionals in Jeddah. OMA Associate … Continue reading

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Visualogue|20. shin-kenchiku|Reda Sejini

This is the 3rd installment by urbanphenomena partner Reda Sijiny on the concepts and essence of Japanese architecture and its context. Part of urbanphenomena’s annual lecture at KFUPM’s College of … Continue reading

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Visualogue|19. Pandora’s Box|Amin Roayan

We thought we would start 2009 with a new visualogue bang. After a year of taking the visualogue on the road, Riyadh, Dhahran, and Dubai, we are happy to bring … Continue reading

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