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Lecture| Aga Khan Award for Architecture Seminar|Reda Saud Sijiny

IMG_0964 EDITSpeaking at a seminar organized by the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, urbanphenomena partner and co-founder Reda Sijiny highlighted the importance of “The sensitivity of the architecture to the city and the space.” In his short essay introducing the Samir Kassir Square project, which was awarded the Aga Khan Award in 2007, he stressed how politics still strongly influence the architecture of the Arab city, “In the Arab World, you cannot separate politics from architecture. The serenity of Samir Kassir Square is reminiscent of the aftershock of the bomb that killed Samir Kassir himself.”

The seminar was part of the programme preparing for the 2010 cycle of the Aga Khan Award nominations for Architecture. Nominations have to successfully prove their positive response to their context while facilitating interaction between the community and users of the project.

The conference was held at the American University of Sharjah’s School of Architecture and Design on 30 April 2009.

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