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Workshop | Made in Juffair: Mapping the Cultural Identity of Juffair | 2017 March 31

  In continuation of the “Made in Jeddah” series of workshops around the region, urbanphenomena partner Reda Sijiny conducted the “Made in Juffair” workshop as a part of Mawane’s second … Continue reading

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Lecture|Branding|Majed Munshi

Continuing our collaboration with Dar Al-Hekma University, urbanphenomena design director Majed Munshi delivered his second lecture, entitled “Branding”, as part of the university’s Creative Center program. Majed’s lecture introduced the … Continue reading

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Jeddah Architectural Guide|CP/03

  بنك التنمية الاسلامي Islamic Development Bank Headquarters CORPORATE BUILDINGS/03 1993 Nikken Sekkei  106.40 m 24 Floors 72,160 m2 45,500 m2 (Site)  The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) is an international … Continue reading

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Jeddah Architectural Guide|CM /02

  مركز الجمجوم التجاري Jamjoom Commercial Centre COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS/02  1985  S.E.S | Studio Valle – Rome (Concept & Planning) + Architekturbüro Rödl – Kieferle (Design Development & Const. Details) 54.4 m … Continue reading

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Lecture|Design Thinking|Majed Munshi

The urbanphenomena visualogue is collaborating with Dar Al-Hekma’s Creative Center to provide students with a series of lectures on design and creativity. The first lecture, entitled “Design Thinking” was presented … Continue reading

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Visualogue|38.Design Thinking|Majed Munshi

In a new collaboration with Wekan house, urbanphenomena’s October visualogue (a series of lectures focusing on storytelling using visual media) will be presented by urbanphenomena’s design director, Majed Munshi. Majed’s visualogue will give a … Continue reading

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Greeting| New Hegira Year 1438 تهنئة|العام الهجري الجديد

“سنة سعيدة عليكم” .بمناسبة العام الهجري الجديد، ندعو الله أن يبارك لكم و للجميع فيه، و كل عام وانتم بخير From all of us at the urbanphenomena team, we send … Continue reading

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Jeddah Architectural Guide|CM/01

  عمارة الملكة Queen’s Building COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS/01 1973 Atelier d’Architecture Joseph Philippe Karam …m 27 Floors … m² … m² (Site) During the reign of King Faisal  (1964 – 1975) Saudi Arabia … Continue reading

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Report | Learning from Education City|Doha: 2015 November 27-28

Urbanphenomena partner Reda Sijiny presented at the Learning from Education City Conference that was held in Doha last week. The conference celebrated the investment made thus far in Education City’s … Continue reading

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Visualogue|37. Thawrat Al-Fann|Ahmed Hasan Moshrif

  قلة من أستطاعوا أن يشقوا طريقهم بأيديهم وكان بإمكانهم التحكم بمصيرهم، فنجد الكثيرين من حولنا يتمتعون بعقول نيرة وأحلام خلاقة ومع ذلك، فهم مقيدون منقادون. ضيفنا لنسخة شهر أكتوبر … Continue reading

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